Company Profile

UnternehmensprofilTimes are changing and as recyclable recyclers Oliver Meisterjahn Handelsvertretung is actively helping to shape the future of recovering valuable materials. Valuable raw materials are no longer brought deep from the earth today, but you win, for example. from electronic waste. Since 2004, we have been intensively involved in the marketing of dismantling fractions from waste electrical and electronic equipment, cable disassembly and composite recycling and the non-ferrous secondary metal trade. The company name Meisterjahn has been a household name in the recycling industry for over 60 years and three generations. Large recycling companies from all over Europe use our services for recovering valuable materials as well as well-known automotive suppliers.

We specialize in the trade in broke fractions and secondary metals and in the ecological treatment of non-ferrous metals. We are familiar with all aspects of recycling and create complete disposal concepts.

You would like to rent containers in various sizes or need help in implementing your concepts for recovering valuable materials? As part of our flexible logistics solutions, we also make it possible to order small stacking containers for in-house storage and the uncomplicated replacement of grid boxes.

Cooperations & Certifications

We cooperate with certified recycling partners.

Permits and certifications

  • First-time treatment according to ElektroG
  • Approved electric recycling plant according to the Federal Immission Control Act
  • Quality management system according to ISO 9001
  • Environmental management system according to ISO 14001
  • Waste Management Company
  • Authorization to accept all types of waste codes for electrical and electronic equipment